Level up before starting Data Science

Before you begin your Data Science fellowship program at Israel Tech Challenge (ITC), make sure you know the core technologies to the level needed for an easier start of our intensive program! Sign up for a preparatory course, taught in 9 sessions on-campus or online, which brings you up to the needed level of Python, Pycharm, Jupyter Notebooks, Calculus, Probability, Statistics, and Linear algebra.

Get Ready for Data Science


During the 5 months of intensive Data Science studies, you will learn in-depth such topics of Machine Learning, as Modeling Pipeline, Clustering, Deep Learning, then go on to specialize in either NLP or Computer Vision. To ensure our students' effective progress, we aim that all students start the fellowship familiar with the topics covered in the comprehensive pre-course.


As an alternative to completing the precourse independently (and the screening test), this Level-Up preparatory course supports and guides you through the precourse assignments, filling in any gaps in knowledge you may have.  

Nine Training Sessions


Python, Pycharm, & Jupyter Notebooks

Python, PyCharm and Jupyter Notebooks Dive into the basics of programming - Variables, Data types, loops, methods and functions, data structures (strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries, sets, booleans), object-oriented programming, and much more. You will also learn how to make the most of using an IDE (PyCharm) and experiment code with Jupyter notebooks, a must-have for any Data Scientist.


Basic probability and statistics

Get comfortable with random variables, averages - mean, median, mode, expected value, variance, standard deviation.



Cover topics like limits, derivatives, product and chain rules, integrals, second derivatives and optimization, and partial derivative


Linear Algebra 1

Learn how to solve systems of linear equations, and learn about vectors, spans and bases, matrices and row reduction, and Gram-Schmidt.


Linear Algebra 2

Delve into matrices, matrix multiplication, matrix operations including transposes, inverses and the determinant, and learn about eigenvectors and matrix diagonalization


When and Where?


2 Evenings a week

The training sessions will take place three evenings a week from 17:00 to 22:00.



On-Campus and Streamed Online

If government regulations allow, we highly recommend you join us for on-campus training at Shoken 18, Tel Aviv.
In light of the situation, you can also access the online live-stream of the training sessions.




Ready to Level Up?


ADMISSION: This course is open to STEM graduates with some coding experience looking to participate in ITC's Data Science Fellowship. While you do not need to pass the fellowship screening test to start the preparatory course, you will need to fill in a short application form, pass a SQL quiz, and a personal interview. 


CONTINUING: Completing all assignments successfully and passing the final exam assures your acceptance into the Data Science Fellowship. 


TUITION:  Tuition for the Level-up Preparatory course is 1,500 ILS.


CONDITIONAL: Course Opening is conditional on a minimum level of participants. If the course is not opened, you will be refunded any fees paid.